Has it seemed busier lately?

You betcha!  If you want to see the details check out the 2016 range statistics on the “Shooting Range” page.  I will be updating the stats each month.  Long story short…range use is up 52%.  The 11am to 1pm busy window is now the 10am to 3pm busy period. Shooters have tried to spread out their shooting times, but the increase in usage makes the busy period about the same, only longer.

While usage is up 52%, the average daily use is only up from 2.8 per day to 4.2.  This increase however has taken a toll on the target retrievers.  What we thought was wild shooting is probably just random bullet splatter.  I have personally killed a lane and was in the target with all my rounds.  So don’t feel bad about killing the lane, it happens.  It is crucial that you report the lane malfunctions asap so that we can quickly make the repairs.  email: namib50@yahoo.com     text or call: 406-471-0972

Shoot often, shoot straight!

David Mosby

About David Mosby

President of NWMACA and show chairman for the Original Kalispell Gun Show
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