Range update

Range usage stats have been updated through May.  Our increase in membership this year is directly correlated to increases in range usage.  Increase in usage over 2015 from Jan to May is 52%  57%  78%  100%  105% !!!  Now you may be asking yourself, when is the best time to go shoot?  If you are looking for social interaction you might consider our busiest day/time of Friday / 10 a.m.  You can find the details on the “Shooting Range” page in this website.

We are pleased to announce that the pistol range is experiencing a sharp decline in broken target carriers.  Martin raised all of the carriers as close to the ceiling as possible and also moved the switches to the top of the rail.  Since that change I am aware of only one switch being shot out.

The #2 rifle tube is under repairs.  The target carrier is in a sad state which is requiring extensive repairs.  Martin promises to have it up and running soon.  We are considering changes to the pulley sizes to speed up the carrier.  No promises on the speed.

The board of directors approved the installation of a central vacuum system which will help in our lead mitigation efforts.  Installation time to be announced and of course a range closure while the system is being installed.

David Mosby, President

About David Mosby

President of NWMACA and show chairman for the Original Kalispell Gun Show
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