Non-lethal defense

As an older man I decided that I am getting too old to punch and kick my way out danger.  Consequently I became deeply entrenched in the armed self defense arena.  I’ve purchased, borrowed and studied all kinds of hand guns, calibers and ammo ballistics.  I have become quite comfortable drawing my pistol from various conceal positions up to and including open carry.  I have trained, practiced and visualized.  And what do I have?  I realized that this preparation while necessary only covers a very small percentage of the scenarios I visualize.  I can visualize so many circumstances where I would never decide to kill a person.  Never being one to just roll over and take abuse I see it is time to start expanding my expertise and preparation for non-lethal defense.   I commend the Women’s Firearm Academy for expanding their course offerings to include all kinds of non-lethal training including but not limited to the Civilian Taser Course.  If you are interested stop by their table in the back corner of the Original Kalispell Gun Show and sign up for their first course on Saturday March 31st, 1 -5 pm.  Call 406-318-7233.

About David Mosby

President of NWMACA and show chairman for the Original Kalispell Gun Show
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