New and Better Membership Forms

We have installed links to the new 2019 membership application forms.  One of the changes is to make it easier for couples who set up a spousal membership.  We now allow both to apply on the same form.  There are now two names, two phone numbers, two email addresses and two places to sign the affidavit at the bottom.

Another change is on the renewal applications.  Members who have let their membership lapse can now renew in the middle of the year.  We are charging a flat $15 per number of months remaining instead of paying for the entire year.  The member does however have to renew for the following year as well.

You may notice that we have kept the cost of memberships the same as last year.  It has been a good year for the financial statement.

Thank you for treating the range as your own.

David Mosby

About David Mosby

President of NWMACA and show chairman for the Original Kalispell Gun Show
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