New improvement 2 the range

smokeless range - ipsc pic

Coming to you in January. The club has invested in the Smokeless Range software so we can practice dry fire shooting at moving & multiple targets using three different styles of SIRT training pistols (laser). Along with the basic package that comes with the software we also purchased their newest release, the IPSC competitive shooting software. There will be a gaming computer set up in the meeting room at the range. The program will be projected to a screen at the end of the room. Make sure to practice so when you come to the gun show you have a chance to win a cash prize for high score in one of three categories: Advanced, Novice and Child. We’ll send out an email when this exciting new feature is up and running at the range.

About David Mosby

President of NWMACA and show chairman for the Original Kalispell Gun Show
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