Some things to think about while you wait…

While waiting for the new Smokeless Range laser dry fire program to become operational my mind has wandered to some of the possibilities like…

  • Can I use my own pistol with a laser insert?  Yes you can.  If you are already using a laser trainer it will work fine as long as it is a red or infrared laser.  Sorry green lasers do not work.
  • How much to buy my own laser insert?  They range from $80 and go up in price.  You may want to hold off if you have a striker-fired pistol like a Glock.  You have to rack the slide every time you fire.  While this will give your fingers good exercise it could become tedious.  If you have a hammer on your semi-automatic you can get some good practice with your trigger pull and sight picture but double taps are not on the agenda.  My double action Sig Sauer would work great.
  • Are there any good reviews on this technology?  Yes, I found a pretty good review dated 2015 that is worth a read.  Click on this link to read the review.

Haven’t seen much on revolvers other than the SIRT product line that has a training pistol like the ones we purchased that looks like a snub nose.  The revolving cylinder seems like it would be a problem using the cartridge and bore type training lasers.

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