Pistol range – Ventilation update

Martin did a thorough examination of the ventilation system from beginning to end.  The reported lack of ventilation when running regular speed and turbo speed has been solved.  No, it was not due to dirty filters or because a turkey got stuck in the intake.  The problem was three of the five supply grills were closed.

I know it can feel a bit drafty at the shooting line, but that is the price you pay for clean air.  Remember the yellow turbo button is not necessary as long as the smoke is not too thick.  If you don’t care about breathing lead particles go ahead and shut the vent, but make sure to open it when you leave.  Martin tried to direct the air flow just over the head of a 6 foot person.  If you are taller and are annoyed by the draft consider redirecting the fins as opposed to closing the vent.

Thanks for reporting the problem.  Glad it was a simple fix.

David Mosby

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New and Better Membership Forms

We have installed links to the new 2019 membership application forms.  One of the changes is to make it easier for couples who set up a spousal membership.  We now allow both to apply on the same form.  There are now two names, two phone numbers, two email addresses and two places to sign the affidavit at the bottom.

Another change is on the renewal applications.  Members who have let their membership lapse can now renew in the middle of the year.  We are charging a flat $15 per number of months remaining instead of paying for the entire year.  The member does however have to renew for the following year as well.

You may notice that we have kept the cost of memberships the same as last year.  It has been a good year for the financial statement.

Thank you for treating the range as your own.

David Mosby

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2 The Range

Ever wished you could just simplify something you do over and over?  The genie granted my wish and we now have an easier way to connect to our website:


Much easier than nwmaca.wordpress.com.  It was a mouthful even for those conditioned to phonetic spelling.  I tried the old way and it still works, but now you have a new and easier way for you and your  friends to check out our website for gun show info, applications or just check the calendar.

Just remember you are heading 2 The Range.


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Non-lethal defense

As an older man I decided that I am getting too old to punch and kick my way out danger.  Consequently I became deeply entrenched in the armed self defense arena.  I’ve purchased, borrowed and studied all kinds of hand guns, calibers and ammo ballistics.  I have become quite comfortable drawing my pistol from various conceal positions up to and including open carry.  I have trained, practiced and visualized.  And what do I have?  I realized that this preparation while necessary only covers a very small percentage of the scenarios I visualize.  I can visualize so many circumstances where I would never decide to kill a person.  Never being one to just roll over and take abuse I see it is time to start expanding my expertise and preparation for non-lethal defense.   I commend the Women’s Firearm Academy for expanding their course offerings to include all kinds of non-lethal training including but not limited to the Civilian Taser Course.  If you are interested stop by their table in the back corner of the Original Kalispell Gun Show and sign up for their first course on Saturday March 31st, 1 -5 pm.  Call 406-318-7233.

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2018 Original Spring Kalispell Gun Show

Facebook Spring 2018 small

We are on track to have the biggest gun show ever in Flathead Valley.  There will be the usual outstanding selection of firearms, ammo and accessories, and you can also try your hand at the shooting simulator provided by the Women’s Firearm Academy.  If collectibles get you buzzing, check out Ed Luke’s outstanding display.  He will surprise us with a sample of his collection.  You will also get a chance to see the late Austin Monk’s antique Winchester and Remington collection.  Renowned gun writer Mike Venturino will have a table at the show, so stop by and chat.  If that’s not enough you get a chance to win a door prize each day you participate in the show.

Flathead County Fairgrounds – Trade Center Building

Friday 12 to 6          Saturday 9 to 6         Sunday 9 to 2

$5 per day     $10 all three days    Child with adult free

Contact:  David Mosby 406-471-0972                                                                                                  Hosted by Northwest Montana Arms Collectors Association, a Montana non-profit      for the benefit of the Les Bauska Underground Target Range


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2017 Range use statistics

Yep!  we were 21% busier in 2017 compared to 2016.  That hardly means we are overwhelmed with shooters at the range.  The average visits to the range per day is 5.25 shooters which hardly causes a line at the door.  This average is up from 4.33 shooters in 2016.  Coincidentally, membership is also up 21% from 241 to 292.  In 2016 membership was up 88% but range usage was only up 53%.

We all have different agendas when we come to shoot.  Some like to visit with others while many just want to burn a box and go.  You will see some trends in the statistics that will help you best achieve your time goals.  Don’t let Tuesday trick you.  The range is closed every Tuesday between 5 a.m. and 10 a.m. for cleaning.  So pick the best day and time and enjoy.  Make sure to check the calendar on the “Shooting Range” page of our website (www.nwmaca.wordpress.com) to see if there are any closures when you want to shoot.

2017 range use statistics

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Curiosity killed the new 100 yard tube…

There are some of us that have grown up doing their best to figure out everything around us.  We have stuck nails in electrical outlets, jumped off roofs and ventured into into this world with little thought of the consequences.

On behalf of American Electric I would like to assure you that there are no operator friendly switches or parts other than the green on/off switch and the distance selector.  Everything else you may encounter with the system is designed to either re-calibrate the system or perform an emergency shut down.  Once the emergency shut down is engaged (the lever that hangs down alongside of the H-beam) the system is inoperable.  The only thing you should do when this happens is press the red off button and call Corky.  The light will stay on, so don’t try to turn it off.

I know this is a lot to ask you plug punchers and roof jumpers, but it is a quick electronic fix to get the system operational.  We have thousands of dollars invested in the electronics.  Please leave the electronics to the professionals.

More to come on the monitor for the cameras.

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