Spring Kalispell Gun Show – March 24, 25, 26

I have gotten a jump on picking the door prizes for the Spring Kalispell Gun Show!  You are definately going to want a weekend pass so you have an opportunity to win these two firearms.  I just wanted to share what will be offered:

1.  The 380 caliber has climbed the ladder in favored status with many in the concealed carry crowd and many of the manufacturers are dedicating much development time and marketing time on its behalf.  One such success story is the Ruger LCP II.  Read the reviews of the improvements over the original Ruger LCP https://www.gunsamerica.com/blog/ruger-380-lcp-reborn-new-lcp-ii-full-review/.

The new LCP II comes standard with a pocket holster, giving you a carry-ready gun right out of the box.

The MSRP for this bad boy is $349 and Murdoch’s is selling it for $290.  They have been generous in letting us have it at $231.

2.  Remington Rifles released a new 700 series rifle in 2013, the 783 bolt action.  True to form they kept the MSRP affordable yet again delivered a very accurate weapon.

A review in American Rifleman says all you need to know to justify the weekend pass to the gun show The Remington 783.  The model we are giving away will be a 7mm Mag with scope which will have you filling the freezer in no time!

                           The Remington 783

       MSRP for this nail driver is only $399 and Murdoch’s is letting us have it for $200.  It has been fired once, returned and then shipped back to factory for repair.

Help us make our Spring Kalispell Gun Show, March 24, 25, 26-2017 the best ever by sharing this with your friends.

David Mosby


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Fall 2016 gun show statistics

We just wrapped up our second semi-annual gun show at the fairgrounds.  Records were broken at all levels.  Attendance up 17% – 2003 people through the gate.  Vendor tables up slightly – 101 applicants with 354 vendors working 275 tables.  The statistic that really warms my heart is volunteers up 375% from 4 to 19.  A huge shout out for your help with this very successful show!

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The Original Fall Kalispell Gun Show

The fall show is less than a week away! 100 vendors on 275 tables.Kalispell Gun Show Fall 2016
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Range update

Range usage stats have been updated through May.  Our increase in membership this year is directly correlated to increases in range usage.  Increase in usage over 2015 from Jan to May is 52%  57%  78%  100%  105% !!!  Now you may be asking yourself, when is the best time to go shoot?  If you are looking for social interaction you might consider our busiest day/time of Friday / 10 a.m.  You can find the details on the “Shooting Range” page in this website.

We are pleased to announce that the pistol range is experiencing a sharp decline in broken target carriers.  Martin raised all of the carriers as close to the ceiling as possible and also moved the switches to the top of the rail.  Since that change I am aware of only one switch being shot out.

The #2 rifle tube is under repairs.  The target carrier is in a sad state which is requiring extensive repairs.  Martin promises to have it up and running soon.  We are considering changes to the pulley sizes to speed up the carrier.  No promises on the speed.

The board of directors approved the installation of a central vacuum system which will help in our lead mitigation efforts.  Installation time to be announced and of course a range closure while the system is being installed.

David Mosby, President

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Has it seemed busier lately?

You betcha!  If you want to see the details check out the 2016 range statistics on the “Shooting Range” page.  I will be updating the stats each month.  Long story short…range use is up 52%.  The 11am to 1pm busy window is now the 10am to 3pm busy period. Shooters have tried to spread out their shooting times, but the increase in usage makes the busy period about the same, only longer.

While usage is up 52%, the average daily use is only up from 2.8 per day to 4.2.  This increase however has taken a toll on the target retrievers.  What we thought was wild shooting is probably just random bullet splatter.  I have personally killed a lane and was in the target with all my rounds.  So don’t feel bad about killing the lane, it happens.  It is crucial that you report the lane malfunctions asap so that we can quickly make the repairs.  email: namib50@yahoo.com     text or call: 406-471-0972

Shoot often, shoot straight!

David Mosby

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You won’t believe the deal!

The board of directors just approved a new membership category.  We now have a $20 spousal membership for those independent spouses who want to use the range unaccompanied by the primary member.  They will have all the rights and privileges of the primary member.  Attached is a new member form your spouse can use to take advantage of this new offering.  This deal applies to the regular member, NRA member, corporate member and the instructor member.

Shoot often, shoot straight and be safe,
David Mosby
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This week at the range

Board meeting is tonight, 6:30 at the range.  Members meeting starts at 7 pm.

I am pleased to announce that the 4-H youth pistol group has opted to use the pistol range on Wednesday evenings from 5:30 until 8:00 pm.  That’s every Wednesday until the weather improves and they can move outside.  I am estimating till the end of April.  This group has achieved high scores in national competitions every year, so as results come in I’ll keep you posted.


David Mosby  471-0972

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