Membership Applications

NWMACA New Member 2022

NWMACA New Corp Member 2022

NWMACA Renewal 2022

NWMACA Corp Renewal 2022

NWMACA Limited Member 2022

Membership Dues
  • $175 Shooting member – but not a member of the National Rifle Association
  • $130 Shooting member – and also a member of the National Rifle Association
  • $450 Corporate membership – up to five individual shooting memberships with additional corporate members at $90 each
  • $  20 Spousal membership – the spouse of any of the above members may also receive a membership with all the rights and privileges of the primary member
  • $  20 Instructor membership – must be NRA, CCA, 4-H or Hunter Safety certified
  • $  20 Non-shooting membership – (no key code access to the Les Bauska Underground Target Range)
  • $15 Limited Membership – This membership is to be used for all family members and guests, and they must accompany the member to the range.  The limited membership is good for the remainder of the calendar year.  It’s purpose is to gain coverage for the medical payments part of our business liability insurance if there is an accident.

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